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Taler Smith


Tanner Neely


Joining in 2016, Tanner Rust is the top Prostaff member based out of Rifle, Colorado. From chasing high class elk in the rocky mountains, to tossing a fly in hopes of a monster trout, he brings forth a lot to this business. From pictures, videos, web design, he can do it all.

Tanner Neely, another Oklahoma native, started hunting with Taler Smith at a young age. He has been a leading factor in pushing this business forward. Wether blowing the duck calls, or picking where to hunt, his guiding skills are on point. Tanner will not disappoint!

Kyle, a bow fanatic, is from the great state of Oklahoma. Joining the team just a few years ago, he brings a special skill set that is crucial to this business. Kyle Knight can get you under the roost tree, or have the geese finishing in your lap.

Tanner Rust


Taler is a young business man who had a dream and is making it reality. Born and raised in the woods of Oklahoma, he knows how to put a good hunt together. Not only the owner, but also a guide, he is one of the most experienced guides on the team.

Kyle Knight


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